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Hello, first all I just want to say a big Thank you to Tad and for his inspirational speech the two times he went to our school. It made me think about my own encounter with bullying and being the one witnessing it.

Back in Junior High I saw that sometimes not everyone was as nice as I thought they were. A new girl came and at first it was fine and me and her quickly became friends but then an incident happened and everyone turned against her I couldn’t believe it and for some reason at that time I still beat myself up at why I didn’t help her since I was her friend. They bullying continued to the point that she switched schools and I became sad and angry at my classmates. Was it wrong to pick on someone that isn’t the same? But I guess at that time I felt intimidated and if I did stand up and say something they would pick on me. Of course that was a naive thing and I guess I didn’t completely understand at that time. When she was gone, I guess karma went to me and I got picked on from time to time. I didn’t have Facebook at the time but a friend of mine told me that they were talking about me on Facebook, and I don’t think in a good way. I felt at times felt lonely and didn’t know where I belonged despite at least having friends. I was very shy but I was friendly at least but I guess it didn’t help when people would look down at me whenever I tried my best. It was hard I wasn’t going to lie and I realized that going into High school I the friends I thought I had especially my closest friends were just gone in a second. Until I met some amazing friends who introduced me to a new music genre and I started getting more confident and my true self shined. I look back and wish there were times I could make it right but right now the present I want to prevent from youth getting bullied and not wanting to feel so alone. It took me a while to learn that I can just shut out the people that try and pick on me and stand up for myself and others.

Thank you for everyone that’s supported me and still stood by me as friends and I hope to make the world better by eliminating bullying permanently and have people stand up for others when someone else is getting bullied.

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Hello, my name is **** you recently visited my school **** and told my law class about your personal exsperiences with bullying and some of the other things you struggled with. You mentioned a couple times throughout your presentation that even if you helped one person you would be happy and you’ve helped me.

I wanted to say thank you first off for taking your own time to come to our school, talk to us about bullying and share your story I know many of us were grateful for the steps you are taking to end bullying. You really made me look at myself as a person and ask ” am I doing my absolute best to stop bullying or help people who may feel alone” the answer was no. We live in a world where people are afraid to go against what is seen as “cool” because they don’t want to be the outcast and if that means being a bully or not doing anything about it that’s what we do. I was bullied at a young age and your right you never forget the things people say and did no matter how much time has passes,but this is my last year in high school and I made a commitment to myself after hearing your story to not judge people without knowing, talking to people who are outside my friend group or that I usually wouldn’t and to stand up against bullying no matter how uncool it will make me because the truth is even if people judge me for standing up against them at least in the future I’ll know I made the right decision. I just wanted to share my thoughts and let you know that you are making a big change in the world and I am one of the many that you have challenged to be better and see things from a different view, so thank you!:)

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Thank you so much for visiting us! before i thought that my problems would be solved if i ran away faster than the other person and i made attempts to run away from home because of school but i didn’t because i loved my family i have been through a lot of trouble being annoyed by people on the bus getting hair yanked out and popping my legs by grabbing and pulling and and used syrup to hold my hair up causing me to spend 5 days trying to wash it out

thats only the bus the same people jumped on a water bottle when i walked around the corner (they were waiting for me) then i got sprayed everyone laughed then when i walked away to go to class someone tripped me down the stairs the as i went to get my stuff they kicked me while i was lying down i nearly broke a rib they got suspended millions of times but they didn’t care it was worth watching me in pain one of them invited me to a party and i came because i thought they were going to apologize but instead they made fun of me called me the son of a B then when their parents left to do errands they hit me with a baseball bat almost 5 times till i was able to get out of the house we moved and i’m okay now but that experience will never leave my mind this is my story i’m sorry for taking up a lot of the page but I was so afraid and i was still considering suicide but this speech has told me that i am able to move on and try to stay strong i still shake a little at the thought of this story i had to experience.

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Hi tad my names **** I just wanted to start off by saying thank you thank you for being the most inspirational person I’ve ever and met and also making a difference in this world. You came to my school today …

and everything that you said just made me feel like I needed to do something about. I know how it feels to get bullied infact I was bullied when I was in grade 6. I thought grade 6 was going to be a great year for me but it didn’t end up being that way. It was about halfway though the year when this happens me and my friend **** where walking home from school when we thought it would be nice to go to the park so we did. It started off with these boys maybe 7 or 8 of them all coming up to us and saying that my friend **** looked liked she was whereing pyjamas so they started calling her pyjama pants girl and ugly and stupid at the time I just stood there watching them because I didn’t know how to address the situation and that’s when I decided I had to do something so I went over to them and said hey just stop it. And that’s when everything got ten times worse. They started calling both of us names no matter how many times we told them to go away they wouldn’t say after day they follewed us home calling us these terrible names and it was so hard not to cry. The thing is they were always on the way home from school and there was always no other way to go so we had to go though that every single day. Until one day me and **** had had enough of the name calling pushing stealing and we made a change we were at that exact same park when those same boys came up to us started doing everything they could to make is cry it went on for about 30 minutes until we were both at the point of crying so we ran off I remember as we ran off one of them said hey look Elmo wants to come with u and they threw this Elmo druggie at us. We turned around saw this and then ran off to my house. We ran down the stairs to were my parents were and told them all about it they called the cops and finally everything was resolved I felt so happy that it was all over and that we could go back to are old lives. Thanks once again for I doing me because today I saw a kid push another kid over from another school and I went right up to them and said just stop and leave. I felt like I made a difference in the world I was so happy. Feel free to talk this story to the world and if you do tell them I told you this stand up to what’s right because we know that no person should have to go though that pain of bullying and together if we just all reach out to one another we can make a difference. Thank you so much for taking time to read this email it means a lot.

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I’m originally from (another Country) and moved to (another Country) when I was in 5th grade I didn’t know much English back then, actually I didn’t speak English at all so it was hard for me to communicate with my classmates.

At the beginning everything was fine I had tons of friends that would support me and help me out and I had one good friend. We were best friends for a while, that was of course until she found a better group to hang around with, so for a while I had no friends. I was alone at lunch for a month or two; I thought it was normal for it to be like this. Then after a while this girl started talking to me and we became amazing friends. We did anything and everything together but she moved away at the end of the school year, which meant I was all-alone. Again. So at the beginning of grade 6 I had no friends for a month or two, then these two girls from my class started talking to me and we became friends, but after a while they started ignoring me completely, avoiding me as if I was some kind of plaque, then a week later they talked to me again acting as if nothing had happened, they kept on doing this, they talked behind my back and made me become someone I didn’t want to be, I remember them saying to me that if I want to be friends with them I would have to be and act like they did, they also controlled who I was allowed to be friends with and with who I wasn’t allowed to be friends with. So I did everything they told me to do because if they weren’t my friends no one else was there. Each day when I got home I never told my parents about this, but I kept it all to myself and cried myself to sleep because I didn’t know what I did wrong to deserve to be treated like that. This pretty much continued for the rest of the school year, my sister found out after a while and confronted the two girls they said they would apologize but they didn’t. They just got mad at me and acted as if I was the person who did something wrong, and honestly that’s what I believed too at the time. When I moved to Canada three and a half years ago they still tried to control my life, but that’s when I noticed that enough was enough, that I was in a different country now and they had absolutely no power over me anymore, so I finally stood up for myself. But to this day I’m still shy and I still have low confidence, I’m not that confident girl I was when I left (another Country). Even now with all the friends I have I push them away, and build brick walls around myself just so that no one can hurt me like they did, and the worst part is I feel empty completely alone, right now I only have two friends I 100% trust and they accept me for who I am and they know when I need my space and when I need comfort, which isn’t very often but still.

Thanks for taking the time of reading this, it really does mean a lot to me. Thank you for being such an inspiration and for staying strong through out your life. Oh and you being gay and admitting it makes you that much more awesome! You’re an amazing person, and I will definitely try to reach my dreams. And you can post this on the blog.

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You have really inspired me to share my story of my past of being a victim of bullying. It all started in grade 6 and went on for 3 years.

In the beginning of grade 6 I didn’t have many girlfriends but I did have some guy friends from my neighbourhood. There was three girls that I became friends with and I really enjoyed having them around but they thought it would be funny to play a joke on me which involved a prank call.

This prank call was recorded and super embarrassing. The call said that I had won **** tickets ( I idolized *** back then), I was so excited and thrilled. At the end of the call it was suppose to say “oh sorry you didn’t win any tickets, it’s just a prank dial” but my “friends” hung up before it was suppose to say it. The next day at school i was the laughing stock. I didn’t know what was so funny and why they were laughing at me until someone called my friend and it was my prank call. It was me. I was so embarrassed and I wanted to cry. Not to mention when I got home and logged onto Facebook. My prank call was there too.

I tried to shrug it off at school because I thought it was going to pass by. A couple months later I cut my hair really short. One of my “friends” called me a lesbian because I said “your zipper is undone”. Her father called me a lesbian because I was wearing boy shorts for a basketball game and my hair was short. I was called names everyday (fat, lesbian, ugly, worthless, ect.), I went through the same thing everyday until it was the end of grade 7. The last day where you get to move onto high school. The last day consisted of an after party and a congrats for getting through elementary.

We went bowling that night and I had my hair all nice but all of a sudden some person just comes up to me and rips out my hair (chunks). After one person did it, everyone thought it was funny so everyone decided to do it as well. I balled my eyes out because I thought it was the one day I could not be bullied but no. The worst thing was, the parents didn’t care. My mother took me home and I told her everything that happened to me for the past 2 years. I was so upset and I didn’t want to say anything because I thought it would get worse.

In gr.8 it didn’t stop. The girl who called me a lesbian turned my best friend against me and told me to get new ones. I told my stepdad and he was by my side every second. Eventually my best friend turned on her and from that day on nothing else has happened. I am very thankful that I got the chance to say something and stand up for myself. I would love if you could share my story because. to me it is very important that people understand that, social media hurts people to the point where they want to give up.

Thank you for taking your time to read this and I hope that you have a great day. You are an amazing person for sharing your story and coming out as a “gay”. I really look up to you and I will never forget anything that you have said.