Everyone deserves at least one special day each year!

We at Bullying Ends Here would love to celebrate it with you and acknowledge your special day with a birthday card from Tad.  

If you wish to receive a personal birthday card from Tad, please email:


1.  Your name (or the person you want him to send a card to) 

2.  Your date of birth

3.  A mailing address* (can be anywhere in the world you wish him to send it) 


Every once in awhile, there just may be a gift attached!

* this address does NOT have to be your personal address.  It can be a friend, school, neighbour, PO Box or anywhere else you feel comfortable sharing.  

** of note, your information is confidential and will not be used or sold to anyone else. The purpose of this program is to help bring a smile to someone's face and show them that they are special!