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Bullying Ends Here – My Life is the real-life story of Tad Milmine. Tad grew up in a dysfunctional home which included abuse and neglect. He struggled emotionally for many years as he was confined to a dungeon-like basement and was relentlessly bullied for years at school. For many years, Tad struggled with mental illness which included an attempt at suicide. All along, Tad held on to a dream that he wanted to become a Police Officer. In this riveting book, you will read all about Tad and the struggles he had growing up and how he persevered through it all to achieve his dream.

Tad speaks from his heart and holds nothing back.

The book also examines how one person, Tad, could use his negative past to create an internationally recognized and award-winning charity called ‘Bullying Ends Here’ and turn that past into something positive. You will see for yourself how dreams really can come true and how one person truly can make a difference in this world.

Bullying Ends Here – My Life will not only change lives but SAVE them!

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