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Previous Winners


Andy Buck

In the spring of 2013, Tad and Andy Buck would meet for the first time at Webber Academy in Calgary, AB. Their connection was instant. Andy would believe so passionately in the work that Tad and Bullying Ends Here was doing that he would attend dozens of presentations in the months to follow.

Andy went so far as to get the program exposure an unprecedented level in Calgary and within the Calgary Police Service. It is because of Andy that Tad would eventually join Andy and become a Member of the Calgary Police Service. 

Andy would not stop with his determination to promote Bullying Ends Here. He would connect with many in the community and eventually become the Vice-President of Bullying Ends Here. There is not a single person that deserves this award more than Andy. 

There is not a day that goes by that Andy isn't developing connections, contacts and strategically planning. Andy is Bullying Ends Here

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