How much does the presentation cost?

Bullying Ends Here is a registered charity and relies solely on public donations and sponsorships to be able to reach every community possible. To ensure the program is sustainable and continues to grow, the following fees are the suggested minimum donation amounts per presentation. Should your school or function NOT be able to afford this, please contact Tad as no requests will be turned down due to money. Should you require an invoice in advance, please let us know and we would be happy to provide one. For 'in-person' presentations: Anywhere within Canada: $500 per presentation. Anywhere outside of Canada: £300 per presentation in the UK For a 'recorded virtual' presentation: $200 plus $50 for an optional LIVE Q&A Keynote presentations: Please inquire directly with Tad for rates.

What age group is the presentation best suited for?

The presentation was created for youth aged 11 and above, including adults. If a Principal, or parent, wishes their child to attend who is younger than 11, that is fine. Please be aware however that the presentation is fairly static meaning that the topics remain the same and may not be appropriate for all ages. The topics of bullying, mental illness and suicide are discussed.

What do you require from the host in advance such as audio visual equipment?

The presentation only requires a microphone. No other audio visual equipment would be required.

We all know that bulling can take place with adults along with younger youth also. Why not speak to everyone?

When ‘Bullying Ends Here’ was in the development stages, the inspiration came from Jamie HUBLEY. You can see more about him on the HOME page. Jamie was in grade 10 and it was his story that spurred Tad into action. With Tad only being one person, a target audience had to be established. Tad does present to adults with regularity as well but does focus on youth during school hours.

Do you present in uniform or represent your employer during the presentation?

No. Although we work closely with all Police Agencies wherever we go, the presentation is not directly related to policing itself and not being done in the execution of their duties.

If I were to donate, where does the money go?

Your gift would simply go to enabling ‘Bullying Ends Here’ to reach hundreds of thousands more youth across the Country. At this time, no wages are paid using funds donated. Your donation would help cover expenses related to making the personal connection. ‘Bullying Ends Here’ is a registered charity and issues tax receipts for all donations. Please click HERE to learn more.

How long is the presentation?

The presentation is a FULL 75 minutes. Tad is always more than happy (and strongly encourages time) to answer questions from the audience as well if your schedule permits. This helps to debrief and help the audience anything that they may have missed or explain further.

I have a very large school and can not fit all youth in at one time. How best to reach everyone?

Tad is more than happy to do back to back presentations to ensure every youth can hear the presentation. Of course, Tad does request that all attempts be made to have as many in each presentation as possible to ensure everyone is present and to be as effective with time as possible. The presentation is just as effective with a very large group as it is with a smaller one.

I would like to learn more about the presentation prior to booking your attendance. Is there a presentation outline somewhere that I could review?

Yes! Please click HERE to view the outline. You may also wish to click on the PRESENTATION tab in the centre of the homepage to view a short presentation clip.