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  • How much does the presentation cost?
    Bullying Ends Here is a registered charity and relies solely on public donations and sponsorships to be able to reach every community possible. Should you require an invoice in advance, please let us know and we would be happy to provide one. The ‘Lived Experience’ presentation is: 1. For a 24 hour online rental: $250 (for one classroom) or $500 (multiple classrooms). 2. For an in-person ‘Lived Experience’ presentation: $800 3. For Keynote presentations, please contact Tad at 4. For Workplace & Cyberbullying/Social Media - please inquire
  • What do you require from the host in advance such as audio visual equipment?
    The ‘Lived Experience’ presentation only requires a microphone. No other audio visual equipment would be required. For the Workplace Bullying presentation or the Social Media/Cyberbullying presentations, please inquire.
  • If I were to donate, where does the money go?"
    Your gift would simply go to enabling ‘Bullying Ends Here’ to reach hundreds of thousands more youth across the Country. At this time, no wages are paid using funds donated. Your donation would help cover expenses related to making the personal connection. ‘Bullying Ends Here’ is a registered charity and issues tax receipts for all donations. Please click HERE to learn more.
  • How long is the presentation?
    Each presentation varies in length depending on your preferred choice. The ‘Lived Experience’ presentation is typically 65 minutes in length however.
  • I have a very large school and can not fit all youth in at one time. How best to reach everyone?
    We are more than happy to do back to back presentations to ensure every youth can hear the presentation. Of course, we do request that all attempts be made to have as many in each presentation as possible to ensure everyone is present and to be as effective with time as possible. Our presentations are just as effective with a very large group as it is with a smaller one.
  • I would like to learn more about the presentation prior to booking your attendance. Is there a presentation outline somewhere that I could review?
    Well, yes there is! Please click on the links below to see our extensive list of presentation options for all age groups. -Lived Experience presentation -Workplace Bullying Presentations -Cyberbullying Presentations
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