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Parent 'Passion' Beyond Comprehension

So I have read yet another report of parents fighting with refs at a minor league game. I'm sure that I share the same thoughts as you when I say 'what the f'? Seriously, how can parents go to a game, get so fired up and then want to scream and yell and assault children???

I know what it's like to be passionate and want the best for children but this is beyond passion. It's beyond reasoning. It's most certainly beyond the ability for most of us to even comprehend.

These are children for goodness sakes. They are playing a GAME! If you aren't cheering in a positive/supportive way, you shouldn't be saying anything at all. The children are looking up you at all times. They idolize you. They are also following your lead.

What a disgusting example these adults are providing for all children at the game. If you don't know how to handle your emotions then GET OUT! You are setting such a poor example for the vast majority of parents/mentors who are there to support all of the children enjoy a game.

Once again we are shown where our children's actions are coming from. I have said this a million times; 'it isn't the children we need to be most concerned with, it's the parents'!!

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