It should be noted that I do not present in a Police uniform.  At the start of the presentation, the youth only know that I am ‘just a guy named Tad’ who is no different than they are.

“I have been teaching for 32 years.  In my long history of teaching and of listening to many, many guest speakers over the years, I can safely say that your presentation was, without a doubt, the best presentation I have ever listened to in my career in education.”

To begin the presentation, I start by introducing myself.  I speak about growing up and feeling alone.  I am very open when I discuss the challenges I had growing up in a broken home full of addictions, confined to the basement for many years and being bullied all through school.  I speak about my dream as a child to become a Police Officer and how I persevered to achieve that dream.

Tad, THANK YOU!  Your presentation saved my Son’s life!!!!!