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Bullying Ends Here is a registered charity and relies solely on public donations and sponsorships to be able to reach every community possible.

To ensure the program is sustainable and continues to grow, the following fees are the suggested minimum donation amounts per presentation. Should your school or function NOT be able to afford this, please contact Tad as no requests will be turned down due to money. Should you require an invoice in advance, please let us know and we would be happy to provide one.

  1. In-Person Presentations within Canada: $500 per presentation.

  2. In-Person Presentations anywhere else outside of Canada: £300 per presentation (UK)

  3. Keynote speaking: Please inquire directly with Tad for rates.

  4. Recorded Virtual Presentation (exact same as would be in person) $200 everywhere with an optional LIVE Q&A for $50 extra (subject to availability).

We try to respond to all requests by email within 24 hours. Please check your junk mail. If you haven't heard back within 24 hours, please email Tad at tad@bullyingendshere.ca.

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