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Hey! My name’s Bryce, and I’m the gay, music-loving, open-minded, and energetic Co-director of the Youth Advisory Board! My journey with Bullying Ends Here began a few months ago in May, when my best friend Amina and I were chosen to co-found the Youth Advisory Board alongside the man himself, Tad Milmine! Throughout my two years of high school, I had introduced myself through the many different extracurriculars my school had to offer. In band and Band Leadership Executive, as well as Student’s Council, Cheer, Model UN, and a few others, I became very engaged with my community and wanted to reach out to a broader audience where I could find the opportunity to further work towards my passions, alongside others who shared a similar mindset. I am someone with many goals, and I hope to make good use of my position in the YAB while connecting with as many people around the world about issues and topics they’re passionate about too. To me, it’s not only important to bring about change, but a voice for youth around the world who can speak up and share their stories.

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Hello! My name is Amina and I’m the enthusiastic, adventurous, and Kazakh Co-director of the Youth Advisory Board!  I first heard of Bullying Ends Here way back in May of 2021 from Tad himself (our school resources officer) and immediately wanted to help out with the charity. By being an avid member of my high schools Interact Club, Model UN, and Students Council, I already knew a thing or two about leadership, and believed that the skills that I developed matched this role perfectly. With it, I would be able to pursue my long standing ambitions of making a lasting impact on our world by working in collaboration with others who share the same goal as I do. I believe that the best way to achieve meaningful change is through action. Being on the Youth Advisory board of Bullying Ends Here serves as a reminder to myself and those around me that by working together and vocalizing our voices, the so-called cheesy statement of “the world will be a better place” will no longer be a saying, but a promise. 

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Some may call a youth volunteer a Youth Ambassador but we believe you are actually one of Jamie’s Heroes.  Let us explain...

Jamie HUBLEY was a shining star with lots to offer the world.  At the age of fifteen, having endured years of relentless bullying and struggles with mental illness, Jamie took his own life.  The loss of this incredible young man is the reason why Bullying Ends Here was created; to educate others on the serious effects that words and actions can have on others.  As a way to continue Jamie’s legacy of wanting to make the world a better place, we have created ‘Jamie’s Heroes’.

 Jamie’s Heroes is our version of a ‘Youth Ambassador’.  If you wish to be on our team and are 19 years of age or younger, this is your chance to make a positive difference in your school and community by doing random acts of kindness and being recognized for your work by being credited with volunteer hours while also being on our Youth Advisory Board.  Whether it’s an ‘anti-bullying team at school, shovelling your neighbour's driveway, carrying someone's groceries or volunteering in your community, all of these can have a positive impact.  


 What a great opportunity to make new friends, improve your community while gaining valuable life experience.  We will not only provide you with a certificate at the end of each year, but we will also provide you with an incredible t-shirt to wear while you’re making a difference.  You can share photos of your ideas and we will share them on social media!

 This program will help you to gain valuable volunteer experience to add to your resume, provide you with the opportunity to make a positive difference in your community and the sense of knowing that everyone has a role to play in helping to make our world a better place for all.

Volunteer Opportunities
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