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Tad Milmine, M.O.M.

Founder - Lived Experience Presenter

In 2011, my life was changed forever.  I read about a young man who took his own life due to years of bullying and struggles with mental illness.  The moment I first read about Jamie Hubley, I knew life was going to take me on an unexpected journey.  This is when the idea of ‘Bullying Ends Here’ was imagined.  
I began speaking to classrooms about my own life story and how I was able to persevere.  Speaking in classrooms led to audiences in the thousands and at locations all around the world.  I had been asked many times to write a book to which I wrote my first one in 2017 entitled ‘Bullying Ends Here - My Life’.  In 2020, I released my second book named ‘Bullying Ends Here - Walking the Talk’.  Both have turned into best sellers!
I have been fortunate enough to be in a position to help those who need it most through sharing my own story and connecting with those who are struggling in silence.  
I am able to balance my full-time police work with the added tasks of running a charity as large as Bullying Ends Here.  Passion is a word that I would use to describe where the drive and energy come from.  Every message I receive inspires, and reminds me, why speaking up is so important.

Brandon Laur

Cyberbullying Presenter

Brandon actively facilitates educational programs designed for students of all ages, parents, teachers, and business professionals on the topics of privacy, security, digital literacy, and online digital intelligence gathering. In addition to these responsibilities, Brandon is multi-certified and continuing to receive ongoing training in Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) to use in conjunction with his security experience and academic pursuits. Brandon’s real-world experience using social media and the internet has played a major role in the growth of all internet and social media safety programs offered by Bullying Ends Here.­

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Darren Laur

Cyberbullying Presenter

Darren has presented internet and social media safety and digital literacy programs to over 500 Schools and to hundreds of thousands of students, and to thousands of teachers and parents throughout British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Ontario, the Yukon and the United States. Given Darren’s background and experience, he is a trusted and respected online safety and security resource to students, parents, businesses, government, schools, school districts and Law Enforcement throughout North America.

Linda Crockett

Workplace Bullying Presenter

Linda Crockett is an international expert on the topic of workplace bullying and harassment. She is also the founder of the first and only full-service Workplace Bullying and Harassment Resource Centre located in Canada (2010). The Canadian Institute of Workplace Bullying and Harassment (CIWPB) offers a variety of services to meet the needs of leaders, groups, and individuals. With a holistic perspective on this complex topic, CIWPB focuses on prevention, intervention, and repair or recovery options.

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