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October 15, 2011:  A date that Bullying Ends Here will never forget.  It was on this day that fifteen-year-old Jamie Hubley took his own life after years of relentless bullying and subsequent struggles with mental illness.  Jamie was an openly gay teen who wanted to make others happy and was always radiating positive energy.  In fact, one of the last ideas that Jamie had before passing away was to create a group at his high school, naming it the ‘Rainbow Club’, where all would be welcome and made to feel safe.


October 20, 2011:  Our Founder (and President), Tad Milmine. read about Jamie’s story in the media for the first time.  This is when two heartbreaking childhoods would collide to eventually form ‘Bullying Ends Here’.


Tad’s story is well documented in the media around the world for his traumatic childhood yet finds a way to warm ones heart when it is learned of how such pain could be turned into something so uplifting and resilient.  Tad had never shared his dark past with anyone until he  read about Jamie.  It was Jamie’s life that would inspire Tad to help create a positive movement in the world.


What began as Tad sharing his story with a classroom in Surrey, British Columbia, Canada in early 2012 would expand to reach over a million students in just six years.  The power of ‘word of mouth’ is seen in how a small classroom presentation could turn into an International success story.  Tad felt empowered to speak on behalf of those who feel as though they don’t have a voice, wont be heard or aren’t here any longer to speak.  It was Jamie’s life that set Tad on a journey that no one saw coming, including Tad himself.


Having a dream as a child to become a Police Officer so that he could help save others, was arguably what kept Tad alive through his years of abuse and neglect.  It was only fitting that Tad would overcome all of the obstacles presented to him during his childhood to not only achieve his dream of being a Police Officer but also to help those struggling in silence, just as Tad had done for so many years.


Bullying Ends Here is a charity formed, and empowered, because the world lost an Angel in Jamie.  His loss is what ‘lit the fire' to establish a charity where all ages, backgrounds, ethnicities, sexualities, religions and everyone else can be heard and assisted.  Bullying Ends Here has been requested around the world for it’s award-winning ‘lived experience’ presentation that Tad himself delivers.  As the charity grew, it was clear that Tad could not do this alone.  A Board of Directors was voted in and all agreed to volunteer their time.  Community Groups, Organizations and everyday folks began to financially support the charity.  More presenters came forward to help cover other important topics such as workplace bullying or social media/cyber-bullying.  


We are all doing our part to help those who need it most and are continuing to grow and expand.  For as long as there are people struggling in silence, we will be empowered to speak on their behalf, not just with words, but with ACTION!  


Together we will not just change lives, but SAVE them! 

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