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Studying on the Grass

Measuring Impact

Facilitator Feedback

"I have listened to many outstanding speakers in my career and I can honestly say that your presentation was the most powerful one I have ever experienced.”

Youth Feedback

“…..the important part is I wouldn’t have been able to get here if not for you.  I think it’s safe to say you have saved my life.  If you hadn’t reached out my mom could have been paying my funeral expenses right now.  You saved me.  It’s all because you decided to reach out and help others.  You’re doing a great thing Tad.  I can honestly say you deserve everything good.  I hope you can understand at this immense thing you have done for me.  Just by responding to my message.  Please keep doing what you are doing.  If you could save my life I can only dream of how many you could save.  Thanks Tad you truly are one of canada’s heros!”

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