In memory of Jamie HUBLEY 1995/11/23 – 2011/10/15

When Bullying Ends Here was created in 2012, the thought was that the program would speak directly with youth in small classrooms once per month or thereabouts. The whole point of the program was to reach out to those struggling in silence and provide them with the ability to connect through the website. To have a friend.

What shocked us was the need for a personal contact program like this for youth. It was clear that the program needed to grow and reach as many more as possible.

The connection being made with youth, and adults, is incredibly effective. On average, the program received more than 700 emails per month. We have received well over 10,000 since the program’s creation which speaks directly to the connection, and trust being established. We respond to each and every message!

Our goal is to help as many people as possible. What we are doing is simple: we are talking. We are being open and honest and showing our hearts to the audience to achieve that personal connection. We are truly picking up right where Jamie left off with wanting this world to be a better place.

Our plans for the future are extensive. We are going to be creating lesson plans for teachers, bringing a team of Counselors and Psychologists on board to help those suffering directly and our mission will not end there. We strive to be the one place that youth will turn to that will not push them away or make them feel victimized further. We want to be able to provide all of the care required to prove that things really do get better. We want to make it better now!’